About Me

Are you struggling with acne?  Have you tried everything and still can’t get rid of it?  I’m a Certified Nutritional Therapist who specializes in helping people treat their skin woes from the inside out. I provide 1:1 nutritional assessments and dietary recommendations tailored to your personal nutritional and dietary needs, and designed to treat the root of the problem. You are here because you are searching for skin solutions that actually work. Because all those acne creams and chemicals did nothing to get rid of your breakouts, because medicine couldn’t cure your rosacea, and because you are wondering, doesn’t anyone get me and understand what my skin truly needs to not only clear up but also thrive and glow? Someone who knows how it feels to have tried everything – products and professional advice, but  their skin is still non the better?

My Story:

I suffered from constant breakouts for 6 years without a real cure. The health professionals thought stronger topical chemicals would kill the problematic bacteria or that birth control pills would balance the hormone that were to blame for my bad skin. A dermatologist prescribed an anti-biotic, and when that quit working after 6 months, his only solution was to recommend stronger treatment. I wasn’t willing to put my body through that but, no one seemed to have the solution to clear skin. I tried just eating clean but, that still wasn’t the final answer. Then I went to school to become a Nutritional Therapist, and my whole life changed. I learned the tools and skill set to assess my own deficiencies and nutritional needs. I finally could give my body the support it needed to heal my skin, and cure my breakouts for good. The result? Happy, healthy, beautiful skin, achieved through targeted nutritional therapy and based on bio-individuality.




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