Spotlight: A Nutritionist’s Top 7 Powerful Steps to Guarantee Beautiful Skin

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We all want beautiful skin, and unfortunetly, big marketing has convinced us that the way to get that is through purchasing a plethora of beauty products, full of chemicals. And even after doing that, people can’t seem to get the naturally supple, well-nourished, lovely skin that they have worked so hard for. Treating your skin is a process of 80% internal and 20% external. Here I have comprised a list of the Top 7 Best steps for feeding your skin from the inside and treating it on the outside.

1. The Importance of eating Real Food. Take the saying “You are what you eat” literally because you cannot have beautiful skin while eating processed and refined foods. Your body is built up of and run on nutrients, meaning that it needs to have the proper nutritional blocks for building beautiful skin daily. If your body has to constantly work on processing out the junk from what your diet, and it isn’t getting enough nutrients, then this will show up in your skin.

Omit all refined foods and processed foods, and soy from your diet. Make sure that your diet is also rich in quality fat-soluble vitamins which are great for hormone-balancing and supporting beautiful skin. Sources include such grassfed meats, free-range eggs, non-farmed fish, free-range poultry, grassfed organ meats, and grassfed butter.

I recommend adding grassfed dairy to your diet if you can tolerate it. If you are dairy-free, you should add ghee into your diet. Ghee from grassfed cows is clarified butter that has no milk solids but still retains the important fat-soluble vitamins found in grassfed butter.

I also recommend consuming grassfed liver or organs meats at least once per week, as they are packed with nutrients. Liver is one of the most concentrated sources of vitamin A.

2. Being nutritionally assessed to identify nutritional deficiencies and internal problems. Even eating a nutrient dense diet, the sad truth is that many of us already have deficiencies, like zinc, due our previous poor way of eating and because of soil depletion. That’s why getting nutritionally assessed by a certified Nutritional Therapist is important, as these deficiencies can show up in the skin.

Digestive problems are a big deal because your body won’t be able to properly digest and access the nutrients you are giving it-therefore, your skin won’t be getting as many nutrients.

3. Supplementing wisely. I choose quality supplements that I know benefit my overall health and are important for beautiful skin. A few of these supplements include fish oil, black currant seed oil capsules, whole food Vitamin C and Grassfed Collagen Hydrolysate powder. You can read a more detailed list of my daily beauty nutrients here and here.

4. Change up your skincare routine.

  •   Replace your regular moisturizer. Consider using a botanical moisturizer that is designed for your skin’s needs, is formulated to be more akin to your skin and contains quality ingredients. You want a product that contains fatty acids, cholesterol and ceramides as these are all necessary for maintaining the skin’s barrier. This means that using topical oils is a no-go since they only contain fatty acids. Note: Enjoy the benefits of essential oils like frankincense, rose, and rosewood by purchasing a moisturizer that is formulated with the proper concentration of these potent ingredients.
  • Choose a better face mask: Analyze your face masks. Most face masks contain many preservatives, even when the packaging proudly proclaims that it is “natural” “organic”, or “botanical”.

Go through the ingredient’s list of your product and see whether or not those preservatives are truly natural and “safe”. Do some thorough research to find quality, effective and botanical masks that you can use a couple times a week as a luxury and to give your skin a boost.

5. External detoxing Consider using a sauna a few times per week. Saunas are very helpful in aiding the natural detox process. The treatment is also like having a spa face steam, only for your whole body. Enjoy a natural healthy glow.

The testimony of various sauna users is that the treatment resulted in a noticeable improvement in their skin. This is mostly due to the sweating out of toxins, the opening and cleansing of the pores, and the increased blood flow. Important note: it’s a good idea to do some gentle exfoliation, like dry brushing, before using a sauna as it removes the dead skin cells.

Conclusion: Achieving beautiful skin is a multi-pronged approach. The primary factors involve what’s going into your body remember, 80%. The remaining steps are all about taking care of your skin with natural solutions, that really make a difference. Make these steps a lifelong routine, and your skin will thank you for the rest of your life!

Are you ready to achieve Beautiful Skin? Which step did you find the most interesting? Were there some that you hadn’t heard of before? Share in the comments below!

Why French Women Always Have Beautiful Skin

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If you go over to France you will find that women there have a very different approach to skincare than in North America. They believe that taking care of their skin is a process that is continual over all the years of their life. They start as a young teenager and proceed to nourish their skin with consistent care far into their elderly years. They find the right products for their skin type and stick to the tried-and-true. They don’t automatically jump onto every new skin trend or product.

Note: It’s important to research and find quality botanical products for your specific skin type as you probably won’t find this at your local drugstore or pharmacy.


Whenever you see French women they are tres chic. They embody confidence. This confidence comes from two sources.

They believe that they “are worth it”. In other words, they are worth taking care of themselves and they feel good about themselves because of that. This confidence is something they are creating within themselves and thus, giving them an trait which is an attractive quality in any human being.

They embrace their “flaws”. Now hear me out. I’m not talking about acne and scars-which are actual skin problems that need to be cured over time with real nutrition from a Paleo-type diet and all-natural topical skin treatments. I am talking about the natural differences we each have which make us unique.

Have you ever seen a person with a light dusting of freckles on their nose? Have you ever seen a person with a cute little nose or a person with a pointy nose? Have you ever seen a person with very light eyebrows or thin lips? Are these all flaws. The answer, no. These are all differences that are perfectly natural and contribute to our unique look.

A French woman knows that she shouldn’t obsess over trying to correct what she is given by birth just to fit the standard of beauty at the time. This is why French women don’t wear a lot of makeup, they aren’t interested in covering their skin up with tons of product to try and change their face. They just highlight a few things like the eyes and maybe the lips.

They embrace ageing. French women embrace their ageing just like they embrace their unique face, with confidence. They believe that getting older just means that you mature and change, but, you can still be chic and happy with yourself. Some even believe that the crinkles under the eye are beautiful, and, who are we to say they aren’t.

The Final Thought: French women show us that confidence should be more than just a wish, it should be a way of life. A french woman is a living example of how confidence can change not only how we think about ourselves, but even our outside-because we confidence beauty from the inside out and in doing so, we are comfortable being beautiful the way we are.

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